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This website is built upon a selfmade CMS that serves from folders and textfiles on this server with php. The Stream is connected to a Mediawiki as a backend. I use Angularjs to connect to the API and place the content.






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Rietveld Graduation Portal 2020

Rietveld Academy asked us to build a portal for the graduation work of their students. Together with Alex Zakkas I built a website showing all the work done by graduation students. The site is using files as a backend, the structure of folders and files reflects in the front-end.

The website exhibits works by graduates of the 2020 DOGTIME program. DOGTIME is the bachelor evening education of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, consisting of two departments: Expanded Painting (EP) and Unstable Media (UM).

The Dogtime graduation website design allows graduates to have direct access to their content on the website, adding, deleting or changing files. The subtle but powerful website-framework unites the diversity of the students' works, attitudes and media and serves it in the context of a wider world.