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About this page
This website is built upon a selfmade CMS that serves from folders and textfiles on this server with php. The Stream is connected to a Mediawiki as a backend. I use Angularjs to connect to the API and place the content.









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Everything is a file

The experimental publication »Everything is a file« is based only on filenames. Before ordering you are required to donate two filenames. The publication will the be printed on demand and sent to you.

Published at Unformed Informed by Rianne Zijderveld

Dear file-maker, file-wrangler, the various formats and forms files can take while maintaining specific standards and encodings, make them artefacts, that are foundational to digital machines. Filenames are particularly interesting in the way they mediate between computability and readability – but more than mediate do they ocillate between unreadable, but computable, to readable, but uncomputable to corrupt – unreadable for human and machine. Therefore, filenames act as a cooperative media inbetween everyday users, developers, algorithms, printers, unexpected audiences and many more. Sorting, finding, navigating, writing, reading are media-practices that are profoundly enabled by files and their constitution.

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